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Civil Case Processing Update

Posted 04/18/2023

Attention Civil Practice Firms and Civil Litigants:

As you may be aware, an unprecedented number of civil lawsuits were filed statewide as a result of the passage of HB 837. In Volusia County, the Clerk's office received from 24 to 60 times more new circuit civil suits per day than normal throughout the surge period as thousands of cases were filed. Our civil department resources are consistently strained by the high volume of small claims filings in Volusia County, and the unexpected rush of HB 837‑related suits resulted in a backlog of cases we've never before experienced.

We have been in communication with the Chief Judge, and have committed every available resource to process new civil suits and subsequent filings as quickly as possible. Our civil staff is working as much overtime as our revenues allow, and we have adjusted staff assignments and processes where able to increase speed.

Be assured it is our highest priority to process the backlog of civil cases and filings and return to normal time frames. We apologize for any inconveniences the delays may cause, and appreciate your understanding and patience with our staff.

We will keep you updated with any useful information or new developments as they arise.


Laura E. Roth
Clerk of Court, Volusia County

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Admin Order Entered Regarding Case Management of Civil Cases

Posted 04/30/2021

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Chief Judge Zambrano entered CV-2021-023-SC Re: Case Management of Civil Cases, that requires plaintiffs to serve a case management order on all parties in most civil cases. Please review the Administrative Order for more details. We are providing this form Case Management Order for your convenience.

Application for the Appointment of the Public Defender Available Online

Posted 06/04/2020

Criminal Defendants, the Application for Criminal Indigent Status is now available online. This document can be filled out online and e-mailed to Please make sure to use the free Adobe Acrobat Reader if you encounter difficulties filling out the form through your browser.

Property Fraud Alert

Property Fraud Alert - Be Informed…Be Alert…Be Notified SIGN UP NOW!

The Clerk of the Circuit Court is pleased to offer a free service to alert property homeowners to potential fraud. Property Fraud Alert is an online subscription service FREE to the public that allows you to have a name or names monitored with the Recorder’s office in order to track possible fraudulent recordings that affect your property. With Property Fraud Alert, subscribers will sign up and be notified when the name they have submitted is used in any recording activities within the Recorder’s office. When subscribing to the service, the subscriber will have the option to choose one of the following notification methods: e-mail or voice phone call. Click HERE to sign up for PFA and be comforted knowing that you are taking the first steps in protecting your most valuable asset, your home.